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The Allon Exchange is a weekly radio show, tv show, and podcast hosted by Jay and Brittany Hagy.

We all have it in some form — whether it’s a little or a lot — yes, it’s money! But how do we efficiently steward and best utilize what we have? How do we save, invest, pay off debt, prepare for the future, and also live with peace and generosity? The Allon Exchange is a weekly radio show, tv show, and podcast with financial professionals, Jay and Brittany Hagy. Each week they discuss all things financial while also sharing a glimpse into their own personal lives and story. They answer your questions and tackle topics like investing, market volatility, inflation, financial planning, preparing for retirement, Social Security, paying down debt, and much more.


Jay Hagy, Owner of Allon Planning Partners

Brittany Hagy, Owner of Allon Planning Parters

Where to Listen

1-hour show on WFLI 1070-AM
Saturdays @ 10 A.M.
1-hour show on WGOW-AM 1150
Fridays @ 7 P.M.
1-hour show on Mix 104.1-FM
Saturdays @ 7 A.M.
Mix 104.1
1-hour show on Talk 101.3-FM
Saturdays @ 10 A.M.
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Where to Watch

Watch The Allon Exchange on WTVC ABC Sundays at 5 PM


Watch The Allon Exchange on demand on our Youtube Channel